Playboy's loss is Gear's gain. At least that's the opinion of a newly-slimmed down

Roseanne, who reveals to TV Guide Online the real reason she's turning down Hugh Hefner and instead dropping trou for readers of the popular Gen-X mag.

"Actually, I joked about being in Playboy, but then they did call to talk about it," the comedienne said during a live chat on her website, "But they just kept acting like it was too weird to have some beefy babe in there, just like boys who can't have sex with anything other than a teenager."

"Hugh Hefner wanted me to pose," she added, "but I thought Playboy was too adolescent a publication to show a real live sexual woman." A Playboy rep declined to comment.

The always unpredictable former sitcom star ? who describes herself as "the sexiest woman in the world, but only sexy people know it" ? is now anxious to share her wares in Gear's October issue. But isn't that an adolescent publication? "Gear is adolescent in that most of its models are asexual women," she responded. "But they didn't need to snigger and insult my body first, and also the text is very intelligent."

When asked her thoughts about her estranged husband Tom Arnold's website,, Roseanne abruptly ended the chat, saying only: "I'm goin' shoppin'."