Even though Larry Romano has his hands full with not one but two TV shows — CBS's King of Queens and NBC's midseason comedy, Kristin — the busy actor still manages to find time to nurture his second career as a singer/songwriter.

"I think I'd be very upset if I couldn't work on music," Romano tells TV Guide Online, scoffing at the notion that actors have to stick to just acting. "There's a bit of a taboo there and I think that's a lot of hogwash. Your talent is natural and it's all connected."

On Kristen, Romano should feel right at home starring opposite Tony Award-winning singer Kristin Chenoweth. In fact, he hopes to write music for his warbling leading lady. Meanwhile, the jack of all trades is penning songs for and performing in his own bands, Deficit and Eljay Are (for audio samples, visit larryromano.com).

As for King of Queens, Romano says fans can expect to see a lot more of his alter ego Richie Iannuci this season. He even hints at an "interlude in the woods" between his funny fireman character and new love interest, played by talk show host Ricki Lake.

So, how is it that Romano — who also has just written a film script for director John Avildsen (Rocky, Karate Kid) — has been able to line up one gig after another? "I'm a lucky guy," he theorizes. "But that's what you get when you show up on time."

Any chance he'll try to land a sitcom on ABC, the only major network not cutting him a paycheck? "I don't think so," he says. "Nothing against ABC, but I'm just gonna take a step back. Maybe I'll watch Monday Night Football."