Roger Daltrey didn't invent the term "Sex, Drugs and Rock &#038 Roll," but as the lead singer of The Who — a band whose outrageous antics are the stuff of rock legend — he certainly helped perpetuate the genre's outlandish image. So it's a bit ironic to hear that he'll be playing, of all things, a man of the cloth on tonight's episode of TNT's new supernatural series Witchblade.

Daltrey guest stars as Father Aloysha Petrosian, a Catholic priest who gets caught in the crossfire over allegations that the Vatican and Nazis might have been allies during WWII. "It's a little controversial," Daltrey tells TV Guide Online. "There's quite a lot of evidence of their alleged knowledge of what the Nazis were doing — and they didn't decry it. It's pretty interesting."

Since making his big-screen debut as Tommy Walker — the deaf, dumb and blind kid who defeated the Pinball Wizard (played by Elton John) in The Who's 1975 rock opera, Tommy — Daltrey has maintained an eclectic acting career to say the least. In addition to television credits that include Rude Awakening and Leprechauns, he's played dozens of offbeat roles, including a turn as the Tin Man in a concert version of The Wizard of Oz. Later this year, he can be seen opposite Nastassja Kinski and Nicolette Sheridan in .Com for Murder.