James Garner, David Shore James Garner, David Shore

NBC has turned to House creator David Shore to develop a remake of the 1970s drama The Rockford Files.

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The original series — which starred James Garner

as Jim Rockford, an ex-convict private eye who worked cases out of his trailer in Malibu — ran for six years and put writer-producer Stephen J. Cannell on the map. Garner's performance also earned him an Emmy.Shore, a fan of the original, understands the resistance to remakes. "I had no interest in adapting any old stuff, but this was the one exception," he told Variety. "It's one of the shows that made me want to become a writer."

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The idea for the remake came from Carousel Television, Steve Carell's production company, which inquired about the rights to the Universal TV property. Since House is also produced by Universal, executives felt Shore was the man for the job.Shore said he's not sure how they will modernize the series, but the basic premise and character will be the same. "What makes Rockford timeless is that he's vulnerable, he's flawed," Shore said. "He's used to hustling and getting hustled. Sometimes he's a hero and sometimes he runs away."Do you think the remake is a good idea? Who would you like to see play Rockford?