Storm Large, <EM>Rock Star: Supernova</EM> Storm Large, Rock Star: Supernova

A rousing rendition of her original track "Ladylike" and her performance of "Suffragette City" alongside Dave Navarro on Wednesday night didn't convince Supernova to bring Storm Large to Rock Star's finale this week. But Storm's stage presence and original song did convince Dave Navarro and most of the Supernova guys that they'd like to record on her next album. caught up with Storm the day after her ouster to get her thoughts on their offer, her tearful version of "Wish You Were Here" and her sexy look.

Storm Large: Yee-haw! Now that's a fun way to start an interview. How are you doing?
Storm: I'm doing great! You sound happy, but we're all bummed that you got eliminated.
Storm: Aww it's OK. I'm happy, I'm sitting here in my hotel room and there are no cameras in my face and I have a beautiful view of the Hollywood Hills, I'm hanging out with Cori [the CBS publicist], talking on the phone and having a blast. I'm going to have lunch later and I'm going to get whatever I want, it's great. I get to be with other humans. It is so exciting. But can you explain to me why, if all the guys kicked you off, they would still want to record with you? Isn't that the same thing as wanting you in their band?
Storm: No, it is not. It is very different, because Supernova has their songs and their commercial appeal in terms of what their own self-vision is as a band. I myself as an artist am not the frontperson that they were looking for, but that doesn't mean that they wouldn't love to play my music. When we were on the plane to Vegas, Tommy wanted to listen to music and he [listened to] Elton John, but he wouldn't want Elton John to sing for Supernova you know what I'm saying? But that was a huge, flattering honor to have those guys want to back me up, and I will definitely take Dave Navarro up on his offer. How was it playing on stage with him?
Storm: I thought it was going to be really intimidating and I thought it was going to be intense, but I felt like I had played on stage with him for years and he said the same thing to me. It was like peas in a pod. Dave Navarro is a doll. I don't get to watch the show so I don't know how it comes across, but he is one of the most articulate and funny guys. Besides being physically beautiful and incredibly talented on guitar, he is a deeply beautiful person. How hard is it to be in such a bubble?
Storm: It is very, very difficult. The hardest thing was being away from my family and not being able to call whenever I wanted, or not being able to have them reach me whenever they wanted or needed. A lot of people rely on me emotionally; we lean on each other, and when we go through tough times they kind of seek me out. It is hard being separated from your family. Is that why you chose "Wish You Were Here" for your song on Thursday night?
Storm: That was for my mother. My mother passed away a year and a half ago unexpectedly. She and I didn't have a very close relationship because she was mentally ill, and that album Wish You Were Here, was about Syd Barrett, who was a member of Pink Floyd who lost his mind. That whole album really resonates with me. My mother never got to hear me sing and never got to see me in a movie or on television, so I wanted to go out and give something for her. I think she'd be proud.
Storm: I know she would be. On a lighter note, what was your favorite song that you performed on the show?
Storm: "Ladylike." It was either "Ladylike" or "Suffragette City" because I got to play with Dave Navarro. But I'll get to play with Dave Navarro again, so I'll say "Ladylike." Do you have any idea how much Internet buzz your Google comment stirred up?
Storm: I got a couple of inklings, someone explained that the Weather Channel was getting major hits because of my name. I heard Lindsay Lohan quoted me on her MySpace page but didn't credit me. That little harlot, she's going to hear it from me. They are very flattering photos.
Storm: Thank you very much. I'm admittedly a little bit jealous, though.
Storm: No jealousy needed. It was a long time coming I'm almost 40 years old, I didn't really become hot until I was around 30. I find that hard to believe.
Storm: I know you do, but believe me, I was a very cute baby and then I went through the gawky, ugly, fat phase. Then I had to buy breasts when I was 34. Now I'm doing very well. Now I can watch my newfound beauty start to fade and deteriorate with age. It is awesome. I think you'll still look cool when you are 60. Storm: I hope so. I'm going to get another boob job when I'm 60. I'm going to be a double D. I'm just going to go for it. Storm Large is your actual name. Where did that come from?
Storm: Storm Large is my real name, it is on my birth certificate. My mom wasn't supposed to be able to have any more kids after my two brothers because they were really rough pregnancies. When she had me, she wanted to give me a special name. She had a friend that lived down the street named Stormy. She didn't consider what my last name was and thought Storm was just a great name. I got picked on a lot, as you can imagine, but it works out great now. With a name like that, did you have any other career choice besides something in the entertainment field?
Storm: Well, I'm really bad at math, so regardless of my name, I wasn't going to go into accounting, that's for sure. They mentioned on the show that some of our favorite rockers would be performing with the house band on tour. Will you be one of them?
Storm: They haven't made an official announcement as far as who is going on tour with the house band, but I certainly hope they include me in that. I'd be happy to go. Who are you rooting for to win?
Storm: I'm rooting for everyone, I want them all to do well. Of course, there can only be one winner, so if I had to make a prediction I'd say Lukas Rossi.