Former Northern Exposure star Rob Morrow says he's ready to return to series TV ? if the right project comes along, that is.

"I get offered a lot of TV series," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "I would go back. I was at CBS developing stuff, but nothing came about that I liked. I have some ideas for stuff. Knowing full well what the commitment of that is, I want to be sure that it's something that I feel really comfortable with and believe in and that I want to stay in that milieu for five years."

Morrow, who left TV's quirky Alaskan drama back in 1990, says he might even be willing to try his hand at a sitcom. "As I get older, I love comedies," says the 37-year-old actor. "They're so much easier to do. It's hard to do good comedy but it's so much more enjoyable. They're fun. You don't have to take yourself as seriously or torture yourself. When you do dramas and heavy scenes, actors like me have to self-torture themselves."

Meanwhile, Morrow keeps plugging away at his movie career. He recently co-starred with Claire Forlani in Into My Heart and next stars opposite Kyra Sedgwick in the romantic comedy Labor Pains. He also recently completed production on Maze, which he produced, directed, wrote and starred in. "It wasn't hard," he says of the multitasking. "It was just hard in terms of exhaustion."