Molly Ringwald by John Shearer/ Molly Ringwald by John Shearer/

ABC Family on Wednesday announced casting for its new, as-yet untitled series from 7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton (which, in case you're curious, is referred to as the "Untitled Brenda Hampton Project"). Not only has the show signed on Smallville's John Schneider (Jonathan Kent) and Oz's Ernie Hudson (Leo Glynn), but also the former Sixteen-year-old America loved, Molly Ringwald.

The series, to air this summer, will be a one-hour drama that - as Ausiello previously reported - centers on a family and their friends after 15-year-old Amy Nicholson becomes unexpectedly pregnancy (no, Diablo Cody is not signed on). The show's recurring cast members will also include newcomer Shailene Woodley (previously seen on The O.C.), Camille Winbush ( The Bernie Mac Show) and Allen Evangelista ( Zoey 101).

How exciting will it be to see these new cast additions together? We'll have to wait for the drama to unfold. - Anna Dimond