Vanessa Lengies, Ricky Martin and Naya Rivera Vanessa Lengies, Ricky Martin and Naya Rivera

Ricky Martin made his Glee debut Tuesday and the "Livin' La Vida Loca" singer proved not only that he's sexy and he knows it, but also showed himself to be a guest star with mucho potential.

Martin played David Martinez, the night school Spanish teacher who can sing, dance and roll his Rs so fast it makes Mr. Schue's head spin. After David explained the advantage of learning foreign languages through song, and shared his own hopes to start a night school glee club, Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) welcomed David to New Directions to help promote his latest nugget of whiteboard wisdom — latin week.

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Although no one can ever hope to rival the nutty brilliance of Holly Holiday's Mary Todd Lincoln impersonation, David proved an equally worthy rival for Mr. Schue when it comes to teachers who the kids love. David has the moves and he knows the language — apparently unlike Will, whose hands seemed glued to his Spanish-English dictionary throughout the episode. Above all he was pretty darn inspiring (read: funny!) as an ex-teeth model who just wants to give the world something more lasting than his pearly white grin.

Despite his best efforts, including a slammin' matador outfit, Mr. Schue eventually gave in to haters (dang, Santana, why you gotta be so mean?) and stepped down as Spanish teacher. This not only means that Will gets his own shot at impersonating Mary Todd as McKinely's new history teacher, but that David will be taking over in the Spanish department — and that news coincides with a report that producers would like Martin to return as early as this spring, and possibly down the line as a series regular.

So we ask you: Do you think Martin would be a good permanent addition Glee?

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