David Lyons, Daniella Alonso, Billy Burke David Lyons, Daniella Alonso, Billy Burke

Revolution, we have a question for you. Actually we have a million questions for you, but since we have limited time until the finale (Monday at 10/9c on NBC), we'll narrow it down.

Here are the 10 biggest questions we hope the finale answers and a few thoughts and theories about how they can be resolved.

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1. Will Miles take down Monroe? As we prepare for another Miles (Billy Burke) and Monroe (David Lyons) showdown, we can't help but wonder how this one will be different: Will either actually have what it takes to make the kill or will they somehow find a way to work things out? According to creator Eric Kripke, a little bit of both. "They definitely beat the holy crap out of each other, but [we] also slow down their story enough so that they can actually talk and really confront each other. Not just physically, but emotionally, as well," Kripke tells TVGuide.com. As part of their therapeutic tete-a-tete, viewers will also learn the story behind Miles' first assassination attempt on Monroe, and it will leave both men (and viewers) teary-eyed.

2. Will Aaron turn the power on or destroy the world? It all comes down to Aaron (Zak Orth) — and a whole lot of luck. Google Boy's genius will finally get put to the test in the finale, but even if Aaron does everything right there's still a one in a billion chance that instead of turning the power on, he'll set the world on fire. You know, no pressure, or anything. But regardless of whichever happens, the mythology of Revolution will be forever changed. If the power does return, are we looking at World War III? Or if the nanites malfunction, will our heroes and villains be forced to unite to save the world? No matter what the results, it's clear the agrarian roots of Revolution are already long forgotten.

3. Who caused the blackout? We know what caused the blackout — we even know how to reverse it —but we still have no idea who unleashed the nanites on the world and why. If it was deliberate, what did the person have to gain? Or was the worldwide coverage simply an accident in Randall or the U.S. government's attempt to take power away from their enemies?  Either way, we want to know where all these once-powerful world leaders have been the past 15 years. It's possible whoever had a hand in causing the blackout went into hiding for fear of backlash, but let's just hope Miles and Rachel soon find him or her and teach them a lesson.

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4. What is Neville's agenda? First he's a militia man, then he's for Georgia and now — we're not even sure who Neville's (Giancarlo Esposito) fighting for any more (other than himself). If Neville does succeed in taking down Monroe, will he give power to the people (in more sense than one) or just replace one tyrant with another? Seeing as he hated his life pre-blackout and is a totally sadistic nutjob, we're guessing the latter. But whatever Neville decides, we wonder if Jason (JD Pardo) will stick by his side. The pair shared more than a few nice moments these past few episodes, but it's unlikely that will be enough for Jason to overlook his father's misdeeds.

5. What else can the nanites do? We know they can absorb electricity, cure cancer, repair broken bones and set off an apocalypse, yet they are also totally safe to breathe in for years on end? Something isn't quite right there. Are we the only ones who think the nanites might have serious undiscovered ramifications? Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Grace (Maria Howell) have made it clear how dangerous and unpredictable they can be. Whatever the extent of the nanites' power, the real question becomes whether or not our heroes can control them.

6. Will Charlie maintain her humanity? Ever since Danny died, Charlie's (Tracy Spiridakos) lust for revenge has threatened the idealism that once inspired those around her. Discussing Charlie's role in the finale, Spiridakos says that she's angry and will "do what she feels she needs to do," but Kripke reveals that doesn't necessarily mean becoming the cold-blooded killer Charlie aims to be. "Charlie ends up being very heroic," the showrunner says. "I think she demonstrates in the finale that she definitively holds on to her soul and holds on to who she is while still kicking ass."

7. What are Randall's intentions? Who the heck is this guy? Seriously. We know nothing about how Randall (Colm Feore) spent the 15 years since society collapsed or how the loss of his son in Afghanistan inspired his current mission (and if his son's death isn't important, that's one frustrating red herring!). Though he's been helping Monroe, it's clear Randall isn't a general's man so what does he have to gain by turning the power on? All we can say is the answer will leave your head spinning.

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8. Will we learn more about Monroe's baby? Since Emma revealed this jaw-dropper weeks ago, we've barely heard a word about Baby Bass. Having Monroe's long-lost son return would be quite the cliff-hanger to end on, especially because we've already seen the ways in which parenthood has changed the general (his confession to Rachel last week was absolutely heartbreaking). Coming face-to-face with his son might be just what Monroe needs to go good full-time.

9. Who's going to die? "The nature of the show is people are going to die in this scenario, with the world being the way it is and the battle that we're fighting," Billy Burke teases. "It's my guess that we'll be seeing new people and might be saying goodbye to some others." While we're sure many of you have your fingers crossed that it'll be lights out for Charlie come Monday, get your head out of the clouds and let's get serious. Charlie and Miles are the heart and soul of the series (even if they might not be the most-beloved characters), so it's safe to say those two Mathesons will make it out alive. That still leaves Rachel, Nora (Daniella Alonso), Aaron, Jason, Neville, Monroe, Grace and Randall to possibly take their final bow. And don't forget, there's no rule saying only one person can die per episode. Who do you think will bite the dust? 

10. What comes next? With the finale answering nearly every mystery Revolution has posed so far, Monday's big cliff-hanger will set the series in a completely new direction. "There is this quest to turn on the power, and then we turn it on its head and we leave all of our heroes at the highest possible point of jeopardy," Kripke says and adds that the finale "will start laying the groundwork for a new story line and a new quest." We can only hope that also means a return to the close look at families struggling to survive, which once was the show's strongest suit but has since been lost in the hullabaloo of war games and sci-fi mythology.

Do you think they'll turn the power back on? Who do you think might die? Share all your theories in the comments below!

Revolution's wraps up its first season Monday at 10/9c on NBC.

(Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams)