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It's been four months since Revolution went off the air, and since most of us aren't Rain Man, that means a lot of the details are a little fuzzy by now. Who's Randall? What are the pendants? How did the lights go out? Read on for our gif-cap of Season 1 so far:

Returning Spring Shows: Where we left off

In the 15 years since the power went out, the United States has been fragmented into tyrannical territories. General Sebastian "Bass" Monroe, the leader of the Monroe Republic, hopes to expand his realm by collecting twelve pendants that turn on the power within a limited radius.

After Monroe's people kidnapped her brother Danny, Charlie Matheson sets off to rescue him.

Following her (now dead) father Ben's instructions, Charlie enlists the help of her estranged uncle Miles. It just so happens that Miles is Monroe's former best friend, founded the militia and tried to assassinate the general last time he saw him.

Together, they meet up with Nora, a member of a rebel group who wants to bring back the United States. She also happens to be Miles' former lover.

Though everyone thinks Charlie and Danny's mother Rachel is dead, she actually turned herself over to the militia when Miles was still in charge. Now, Monroe is forcing Rachel to help him find the pendants and build an amplifier to expand their reach. Unfortunately for Monroe, Rachel has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to slow him down (and stay alive).

The reason Rachel has knowledge of the pendants is because she and her late husband Ben founded a start-up company before the blackout that accidentally discovered a way to inhibit electricity (aka whatever's causing the blackout).

Randall, a Department of Defense secretary, manipulated Rachel into signing a contract with them by offering to get her unborn son Danny a much-needed surgery. He's currently holding Grace, one of Rachel's former coworkers, hostage with plans to use her to collect all 12 pendants and thus, control the power (which just so happens to be Monroe's exact plan, too).

While Miles & Co. search for Danny, they're hunted by Major Tom Neville, Monroe's sadistic right-hand man. Of course, in his mind, he's only doing what's best for his wife Julia and their son Jason.

Jason was originally sent to Charlie as a spy to help with their capture, but he soon fell for her and began doing whatever he could — even disobeying his father — to save her life.

Miles finally comes face to face with Monroe, who begs him to return to the militia and promises no harm will come to his family. When Miles turns him down, Monroe lashes out and orders a kill order on his former bestie.

Unfortunately for them, Monroe now has a helicopter to try to gun them down as they escape (thanks a lot, Rachel!)

Oh yeah, and there's this guy Aaron who hangs out with them. He used to work for Google and was married to an amazing woman, but he abandoned her after the blackout because he thought she deserved better. He hasn't really done much since, but he has a good heart and great one-liners.

Still confused? Check out NBC's video recap of Revolution below.

Revolution returns Monday, March 25 at 10/9c on NBC.