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Two weeks ago, the question on the mind of every Revenge fan was, "Will Daniel (Josh Bowman) bite the bullet?" Now that Daniel has been spared by the grim reaper, everyone wants to know: Did he pull the trigger? Luckily, fans won't have to wait half a season for an answer. "We're not going to leave the audience hanging for very long as to what happened on the beach that night," creator and executive producer Mike Kelley tells "By the end of the episode, the audience will know exactly what happened and exactly the extent of Daniel's guilt." In advance of Wednesday's episode (10/9c, ABC), Kelley also talked about Daniel's upcoming "dark turns," Victoria's romantic and "dangerous" blast from the past and the series' upcoming time jump. Plus: Who is going to die next?!

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A lot of people think Takeda did it. Will he be back?
Mike Kelley:
He definitely has Amanda. So yes, Takeda is somebody that will return. He's a big part of Emily's transformation into Emily Thorne, so she'll continue to need to rely on him as we move forward for help and guidance and it's not always going to be a smooth ride.

How will Emily's plan change in the wake of the Fire & Ice Ball?
New pieces of information are going to rise in the next couple of episodes that re-focus her on Conrad and Victoria, and set her feet really firmly back on the path for revenge. It's a big surprise to her just how deep the rabbit hole goes with Victoria and Conrad in regards to David Clarke.

What will her relationship with Daniel look like after everything that's happened?
Daniel is no longer going to be the dupe in the middle of the tug of war between Emily and his mother. He's going to man-up and he's going to start making a few dark turns. He is, after all, a Grayson so his DNA is going to start to win out over his better side. ... Daniel's hands are not clean right now. Literally, they are covered in blood. You're going to learn things about Daniel that I think are going to surprise and he's learning things about himself that are surprising.

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What does that mean for the love triangle between Daniel, Emily and Jack?
The triangle will definitely heat up. Emily and Jack are going to forge a bond. There's going to be some increased tension between Daniel and Jack because Jack was there on the beach that night and Jack has Daniel's phone. Jack is going to clue in a little bit more to Daniel. He's going to get drawn in a little bit deeper and he's going to go into protection mode where Emily is concerned. That will be both alluring for Emily and a new challenge for her. Her heart's actually going to be torn.

How will Victoria's new love interest enter the picture?
This guy is somebody that's hooked into her deep past from before Conrad and David Clarke, somebody with intimate knowledge of the young Victoria and who she was before she started making all of these very dark choices. He's part of one of her very first dark choices. There's a lot of passion, a lot of danger and a lot of honesty that is going to surface with this guy.

How will his return affect Victoria going forward and her feelings about the family and about Emily?
The relationship pops up as more of a secret for Victoria to keep. It's something that will — when it comes to light — become a problem. She will meet her former lover again in Episode 17 and then we will jump forward several months into the winter in Episode 18 and they will have continued on this affair and have become quite close.

Is there going to be someone new coming into Conrad's love life?
There will be a resurgent love interest in Conrad's love life, but not necessarily someone new.

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Will Charlotte continue on her spiral? How far down that path will she go?
Pretty far. You'll see that she's going to have good reason to want to numb the pain. It's going to be really hard. The darker we go with Charlotte, the more kindred Emily feels with her. The same way that Daniel is a Grayson and Declan is a Porter, Charlotte is a Clarke. So the darkness that is surfacing in Charlotte has connective tissue between Emily and her and is going to provide a lot of story.

Will Charlotte try to learn more about her real father? Will that threaten Emily's secret?
Absolutely, that's part of what fuels her darkness and her isolation. It's also part of the reason why Emily will want to stay closer to her, to make sure that whatever she discovers or needs to know, that Emily has control over that.

You said in an earlier interview that there will be another death on the show. How will that death impact the show?
It will have a deep impact. It's not an extra that's getting killed. [The person] is part of our cast so it will have a big impact.

The first half of the season was building toward the Fire & Ice Ball. What is the rest of the season building towards?
I like that show is without a net. I think the audience is going to really find it librating to feel like they're on an adventure that is uncharted for them. ... I think the audience is going to be more surprised than they were before and that the guessing game is going to get a little bit harder. By the time we get to episode 22, everything about Season 1 will all come back to the murder on the beach and then that drives the last seven episodes. At the end of it, I think people will feel that a very significant book of Revenge has been written and it will free us up to do another book next season.