Despite the spectacle backstage at the Grammy Awards and the amazing performances onstage, nothing created as much buzz as Jennifer Lopez, who chose to leave most of the front of her dress at home. Speculation centered on whether some mysterious adhesive or merely the force of nature kept her breasts covered with no apparent support.

Meanwhile, gossipmongers were whispering about whether host Rosie O'Donnell and Whitney Houston were having a feud. When Rosie shouted "Aloha" to Whitney in her opening monologue ? an obvious reference to Houston's alleged marijuana bust at the Honolulu airport earlier this year ? she got a raised hand from Whitney. You may have missed it on TV, but those closest to Whitney in the audience swear that her gesture featured one upraised finger. Did she really flip the bird?

Backstage, Carlos Santana was still trying to come to terms with eight Grammys in one night. "More than anything it feels great to be able to touch so many people's hearts. To me, we're all one family and the music we make can help to heal this planet. I hope these awards validate that quality and quantity can go together."

Another seasoned veteran added spice to the evening backstage: Elton John, who won The Legend Award, said, "This is the first time I've done the Grammys in, like, 30 years, and I still feel these shows sometimes are full of bulls--t."

However, he had kind words for the Backstreet Boys. "They make videos but they can sing their a--es off. They are brilliant. I should know because I've slept with all the boy bands. But don't ask me about the Dixie Chicks because I'm not a heterosexual."

Christina Aguilera, who was crowned Best New Artist, insisted she had no inkling she'd get the Grammy. Backstage she stammered, "I'm in complete and utter shock. When I heard them call my name I didn't even recognize it. This has been a fantasy of mine ever since I saw Mariah Carey win for Best New Artist when I was eight or nine."

Finally, were we dreaming or did we hear the craziest substitute acceptance speech for Best Female Country Vocal Performance? "Shania [Twain] couldn't be here tonight. She's having her belly waxed." Yuck!? Jeanne Wolf