Retired at 35 Retired at 35

Working hard or hardly working? For at least one of the stars of Retired at 35, it's the latter.

"It is like hardly working. I can tell you that's the best kind!" George Segal tells "It's [shows] like this that keep you from even considering retirement."

Retired at 35 star George Segal: Will work for cigars, banjo

"It's very fish-out-of-water, but very relatable and funny," Segal says, adding that the series is much more grounded in reality than his previous TV venture, Just Shoot Me. "Just Shoot Me could get crazy without explanation. This deals with family problems. You can't suddenly go outside of logic to do surreal things. You have a son and separated parents, and you must address them and the fact that the son is unemployed."

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