Remember last week when I told you how Tom's self-righteousness might boomerang? Yes, Edwin deserves to fry in Satan's wok for his mass-murder spree in Rwanda, but that doesn't excuse Tom and Kyle for tossing the incriminating evidence from the train locker into the river. No, Tom, the "body-snatcher defense isn't going to work," but given the number of times Diana has gone to bat for you, you could at least have confided in her about Kyle's connection to the Collier shooting (I'm still not convinced Jordan is totally dead). Kyle's detachment from the deed was downright chilling: "I remember it all, but it feels like somebody else's memories," he told his dad. I was surprised it took Tom so long to connect Linda to Kyle's whereabouts. Look ,genius, if I didn't have a lead, and my estranged ex was giving me a hard time about my son's disappearance, wouldn't it make sense that she was lying to keep me away from him? Logically, the next move would have been to follow her, no? But Tom didn't think of that until Alana found the locker key. By the way, did anyone notice that wad of dough in the case where Kyle stashed the gun? Somebody must have paid him. Who? Moreover, why would Tom dump all the evidence into the river without checking it for prints other than Kyle's? Curiouser and curiouser. At least father and son got another rapprochement out of the whole deal. Danny and Shawn's rivalry continued apace, this time centering on Liv, whose appearance at a kegger with Danny jump-started her drug cravings (Percocet is housewives' heroin, very mean stuff). Funny how you can't heal addiction. Incidentally, I hope the next time Danny feels moved to slug Shawn, he takes his anger out on Matthew instead, because this oily, would-be Karl Rove has taken out a full-page ad for an elbow in the teeth. (This is assuming that Dan-o can first navigate through the plethora of well-dressed goons who shadow Matt and Shawn like the Secret Service.) Finally, mother and daughter Sikoris had their brownie baking interrupted by mean ol' Nina, who needed Diana's help on the Collier case. Unaware of Tom's parallel investigation, Diana is haunted by Maia's ominous prediction: "The man you're chasing after someone's going to get hurt!" A man is caught, and since he has three names (Roy Keith Marsden), it makes sense that he "killed" Collier. No doubt Roy Keith delighted his public defender by breaking out of his shackles, screaming crazily, snatching a cop's gun and firing the shot that nearly killed Diana. Luckily, nobody got hurt. Relieved, Diana returned home to give Maia the good news. "It's all over," she says. "Not yet," replies Maia coldly. Blackout, end of show. Pause... shivery feeling.