The $1 million Survivor winner has signed a deal with Reebok to endorse its products, Mediaweek reports. The footwear company, a sponsor of the CBS reality series, says the unidentified winning contestant has committed to a one-year pact. Meanwhile, as the big finale nears, CBS apparently isn't taking any chances when it comes to concealing the identity of the $1 million winner. Network execs have issued a gag order to contestants, insisting they not speak to the press until after the two-hour conclusion on Wednesday night (8 pm/ET). The embargo apparently doesn't extend to Newsweek, which features an interview with loathed islander Richard Hatch. Asked why he paraded around in the buff, the 39-year-old back-stabber replied: "I'm often nude, and I was in the middle of the South China Sea in 110-degree weather. Why would I have clothes on?"