Just like everyone else, I have my list of shows I watch on a regular basis. Shows that I'm devoted to and addicted to, shows that have me invested in their characters and story lines. But there's a whole other set that entertain me for a different reason... just as James Lipton says, "What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?" For instance, TLC's Miami Ink is a guilty pleasure of mine that I can't let go of. Because it's easy to catch a rerun almost anytime, I don't worry about when it actually airs, and when I stumble upon an episode of Ami figuring out a sketch or Darren tattooing an amazing snake up someone's leg, I'm completely mesmerized. I don't have any tattoos, and I don't really plan on getting any, but it's something about the artistry of it that amazes me. I know there's a blueprint right in front of them, but these dudes are drawing with needles. C'mon, you'd sit through a marathon of that, right? No, that's only me? OK, moving on....

Now, I roll my eyes at MTV a lot these days. Everyone wants a foot in the spotlight, everyone has a True Life story or a Sweet 16 trauma, everyone wants to live in a house with seven strangers and see who they can stab in the back. But who ended up coming through with an idea that actually had me putting down my remote? Jennifer Lopez. Who would have thought? Dancelife - which just aired its last episode recently - gives you a glimpse into the lives of aspiring dancers, some of whom have shown off their moves in music videos with Prince, J.T., Nelly Furtado and other famous musicians. The coolest parts for me are the choreography, the auditions (in which these dancers learn steps within seconds and repeat them back instantly), and the moments when they're alone in the studio freestyling. I certainly can't move like that, but I wish I could.

Next: Bravo's Project Runway. Aside from Tim Gunn making me laugh my butt off, I still can't get over how these designers create such masterpieces ( most of the time) in such a short amount of time. The stitching, the sketching, the mad dash for fabric... I can't even hem my pants!

Here's another: Blow Out (Bravo). I know Jonathan Anton hasn't shown off his layering skills in a while, but if I could cut hair like that, I might not mind being under the tents of Fashion Week. Some of my friends have trusted me with a pair of scissors and their fraying locks, but I can't do the "babe" hair that Anton's got his signature on.

Now, the reason I was inspired to reveal my random reality list? Two shows, currently airing, that impressed me this past week: Ace of Cakes and Dinner: Impossible. I have to hand it to the Food Network for coming up with some unique spins on cooking shows. The creations they come up with on Ace of Cakes are truly amazing. Ever seen a cake depicting a specific ski lift in Austria? How about a propeller plane holding itself up on three front wheels? Baker Duff Goldman and his crew construct, frost and decorate delicious-looking masterpieces from their laid-back cake shop in Baltimore. Definitely check it out if your range of baking involves opening a Betty Crocker box.

As for Dinner: Impossible, this show is fast, fierce and completely unreal. Renowned chef Robert Irvine takes on a new challenge each week, where he plans, prepares and cooks a feast while the clock is ticking - whether it's for wedding guests, luxury train passengers or master chefs at the Culinary Institute of America. I get nervous when I have a pot on the stove and something in the oven, so watching Irvine and his sous-chefs juggle multiple dishes is quite a treat.

One new show I won't be watching? Oxygen's Inn Love, a new reality show following Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott as they open a bed-and-breakfast. Sorry, Donna, although it would be cool to own a B&B, I don't think I want to watch you do it. But if anyone wants to know more about it, check out this interview.

Feel free to share your guilty TV pleasures also.... I'll be rehearsing for my J.Lo audition while my cake is cooling.