It won't be easy, but The Real World's Danny says he and his secret military boyfriend Paul are determined to lead a normal life together.

"We're going to live [together] in a fairly small town in a random place," the 22-year-old Georgia native tells The Advocate. "Obviously there is a fear that people are going to recognize me, put two and two together, and automatically know who [Paul] is. I want to avoid that as much as possible."

Danny says he originally had no intention of revealing his relationship to Paul on the MTV show out of fear that the military might kick his main man out of the service. "But then two weeks into the project [Paul] was like, 'I'm coming,' " he says. Quick-thinking producers blurred Paul's image on the show and successfully maintained his anonymity. But for how long?

"The way I look at it is that when we go out in public places, we have to think about where we're going [and] who's going to be there," says Danny. "We need to try to avoid places where the crowd that will be watching the show would hang out in large numbers.

"It's like we are best friends and are completely relaxed around each other," he adds. "It's just so sickeningly perfect."