<I>Sarah Connor</i>'s Summer Glau Sarah Connor's Summer Glau

How Friday's fare fared:

8 pm
Ghost Whisperer dropped 880K from its last fresh outing, delivering 10.23 million total viewers. Trailing Wife Swap and Howie Do It, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wrapped up its second season with 3.57 mil, up 220K.

9 pm
Flashpoint (9.72 mil) was up 11 percent, followed by Supernanny. Friday Night Lights' Season 3 finale played to an a crowd of 4.36 mil, surging 21 percent week-to-week. Dollhouse held steady at 3.58 mil (though "steady" in this case may not be the best thing).

Numbers added up 9.72 mil, down 330K from its last fresh outing.