<I>Lost</i> Lost

Wednesday's ratings recap:

8 pm/ET
The recently renewed Lie to Me's season finale led the hour with 8.36 million total viewers, dipping 320K week-to-week. CBS' sitcombo of Rules of Engagement (6.38 mil) and Old Christine (6.54 mil) placed second. Trailing the Lost clip show and Law & Order: CI, the America's Next Top Model finale drew 4.23 mil, up 410 thou.

9 pm
American Idol's reveal of the Top 2 drew 23.99 mil, inching up 420K. Criminal Minds copped second with 13.03 mil, down 8 percent.

Lost's penultimate (sigh...) season finale averaged 9.31 million viewers over its two-hour run, marking a gain of 600K week-to-week and the series' best numbers since April 1.

10 pm
CSI: NY was No. 1 with an audience of 12.18 mil, down 9 percent. (Reminder: The season finale airs tonight at 10!) Law & Order lagged behind Lost with 7.82 mil, slipping 320K.

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