The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory

A new year and a new week mean new highs — for CBS' Monday night lineup, at least. The highlights:

8 pm/ET
24 edged CBS for the hour with around 12 million (on par with Sunday's outing), but it got some stiff competition from the robot-tastic Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, both of which soared to yet another series-high for the former (11.81 million) and a season-high for the latter (11.8 million). Next week, House joins in on the 8 pm match-up.

9 pm/ET
Two and a Half Men left Jack Bauer & Co. in the dust with 17.1 million eyeballs, about 5 million more than 24.

10 pm/ET
CSI: Miami dominated as usual with 15.7 million.

Check back next week as Matt Mitovich returns from L.A. with brand spankin' new on-the-set videos with each Big Bang cast member!