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Raising Hope's Jimmy and Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) have only been dating for a few months, but star Lucas Neff already has a pretty good idea of what their TV wedding might look like.

"Imagine a lot of explosions, a lot of nudity, some singing, some dancing, probably at least one food fight," he tells TVGuide.com "And then a surprise hookup because that always happens at weddings."

Raising Hope sneak peek: Are Jimmy and Sabrina getting married?

It may seem premature for the couple also known as "Sabrimmy" to start throwing around the "m-word," but there's a good reason behind it. In Tuesday's season premiere (8/7c on Fox), Sabrina's grandmother (played by Tippi Hedren) passes away and leaves something special behind for her granddaughter in her will. However, Sabrina may only be able to collect once she becomes someone's lawfully wedded wife. "I think if they were to get married that would be great," Neff says. "There's lots of fun stuff to explore in marriage and being newlyweds. You can make a lot of mistakes. There's a lot of room for error which is good for comedy."

But before the former will-they-or-won't-they couple exchange "I do's," Jimmy and the entire Chance family will have to deal with Sabrina's mother, Tamara, played by recurring guest star Melanie Griffith. "Working Girl is one of my favorite movies of all-time so I thought maybe I was getting Punk'd," Woodward says of the casting. Adds Neff, "I've seen a lot of her movies so it was just exciting to see what she was going to be like. She's a very sweet, genuine person and our characters happen to make out on the show so It was an interesting experience."

Raising Hope: Melanie Griffith in talks to play Sabrina's mom

Just don't expect Sabrina to give her mother such a warm welcome. "My mother's a very superficial, wealthy person and so naturally, it's a combative situation because I've rejected that lifestyle and I work at a grocery store and I'm a Chance now," Woodward says. "There's definitely a humorous disdain for my mother." Tamara will not only clash with her daughter, but also the Chances, who have taken in Sabrina as one of their own. "She always introduces us as her daughter's boyfriend's poor parents so that tells you something about what she thinks of us," Garret Dillahunt says.

It will be an uphill battle, but Neff has faith Jimmy will ultimately win over Sabrina's mom. "I think it's just going to be another test for Jimmy to sort of fail for a while and then barely get a D-minus and pass," Neff says with a laugh. "He makes mistakes right up until the last possible second and then learns from them."

Exclusive: Raising Hope taps Will & Grace alum to lead couples retreat

Not long after Tamara's arrival, the Chances will also meet her much younger boyfriend, minor league baseball player Rocket Ricardo Montez (Wilmer Valderrama)."Burt is totally, completely starstruck with Wilmer Valderrama's character rand then all three couples go on a retreat for couples, which is run by their church," Dillahunt says. "We kick all of their butts because we're secretly married. We cheat."

While Burt may be enamored with Rocket, behind-the-scenes, Neff was charmed by a bear that also pops up at the retreat. "His name's Cody. He's very sweet. I fed him right from my hand," says Neff, before he jokes about an encore appearance by Cody at Jimmy and Sabrina's possible wedding. "Maybe he hooks up with someone? Maybe Maw Maw? Done! Season 3 finale — Maw Maw dates a bear."

The new season of Raising Hope premieres on Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.