Rachel Lefevre Rachel Lefevre

Jungle love takes a life-threatening turn on tonight's Off the Map (10/9c, ABC) when Ryan (Rachelle Lefevre) reveals to Ben (Martin Henderson) a secret she's kept since childhood, just as he seems ready to commit to the flame-haired doc. And that's not her only crisis. Ryan will be searching for a lost little girl who shares a tragic link to her secret — she feels responsible for the sick child because of a decision she made that has placed the tyke in even deeper jeopardy.

"I feel like Ryan might be the hardest character to pin down out of all the doctors," says Lefevre, who was the only cast member clued in early to Ryan's secret. "Ryan practices medicine the same way she lives — impulsive and on the fly. She jumps right in and gets both hands dirty — emotionally and literally. Because of what happened to her in the
past, she never misses a chance to throw off all her clothes and jump in the waterfall."

Lefevre, a Montreal native who played vampire Victoria in the first two Twilight films, says she possesses the same joie de vivre. "Not necessarily the random public nudity, but the spirit is definitely me," she says. But there's no missing that Ryan routinely gets naked with hunky Ben, even though he's stashing away a comatose wife elsewhere on the island. "Their relationship is gloriously ill-defined and complicated. They're trying to figure out where they stand."

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