Question: Yippee! I just read in your "Entertainment News" column that Julian McMahon will reprise his role as Cole on Charmed. I am so excited, I am speechless. This is the best news and makes my week even better. — Aileen

Ausiello: I hope you're sitting down, Aileen, because I've got more good news for you. Julian says you're the reason he agreed to come back! "A week never goes by where I'm not accosted by a few Charmed fans," the Nip/Tuck star told me at the Golden Globes. "And not only that, the producers and the girls on the show were always so sweet to me and just very supportive. They really gave me the reins to do whatever I wanted in regard to that role. So, for me to go back is not just me helping them out, it's an honor for what I feel for those guys." Dude's a class act.