Question: Many a year ago, I remember watching a program on PBS about a castle being built. It wasn't narrated by some professor walking around the ruins of an old castle, rambling on about how it was built, with the occasional still photo from a book. It was an animated feature of the castle built from the ground up, with the king and his mason discussing what was to be done. It was wonderfully animated and very educational. I would love to know if this feature is available on VHS/DVD anywhere. My children are very interested in castles and I thought this would be a great program for them to watch and learn from. Any clue?

Televisionary: Sounds to me like the program you seek is Castles, which was hosted by David Macaulay and was based on his book of the same name. (Macaulay's the famed illustrator and writer who also brought us Cathedral, Mill Town, Building Big and other such great stuff.) It's available for 20 bucks or so from PBS Home Video, and you can find it at PBS's site.