Question: In last week's AA, you stated Dean won't appear again this season on Gilmore Girls. However, the sneak peek at the 4/19 episode showed Dean and Luke interacting. Ha! — Bryan

Ausiello: Thanks for a) pointing out my mistake (which was quickly fixed Wednesday morning) and then b) rubbing my nose in it with the "Ha!" You're a peach, Bryan. Anyway, in my defense, a publicist for the show repeatedly denied that Dean was returning this season — even after other outlets were reporting that he was. And instead of vetting it with my own sources, I pulled a Dan Rather and let the denial stand. Long story short: I relied on incorrect information and got burned. The good news, however, is that said publicist felt so bad about the screwup that she gave me this juicy GG season-finale tease to share exclusively with AA readers: "For the first time in their lives, a wall is created between Lorelai and Rory when Rory ignores her mother's wishes and turns to Richard and Emily for advice."