Question: There's a commercial advertising Lexus cars that's currently running on TV. The camera follows the car driving through a foreign country and the people it passes lip-synch to the lyrics of the featured song. What is the song and who is singing? My best guess is Dinah Shore. And for those of us who never travel, what country is it filmed in? Thanks. — Marsha

Televisionary: Good ear, Marsha. The disturbingly catchy "Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy," featured in the ad for Lexus's new LS 430 sedan, is indeed a Dinah Shore recording. You can find it on her album 16 Most Requested Songs, available at various online music stores, as well as on a variety of compilation CDs. (I'm betting everyone reading this now has that tune stuck in their heads.)

According to a Lexus spokesperson, that particular ad was shot in the Italian countryside. The picturesque Italy also provided the backdrop for the companion LS 430 commercial featuring Lyle Lovett's "Summer Wind."

Now, what's this about not traveling? Save up the money, get away and go anywhere — you won't regret it.