Question: Sorry, I know you warned us about repeating questions 'til you answer them, but my computer was acting funny last time and I have no idea if you got the first go-round or not. So, to repeat myself and risk your ire: Was there a short-lived TV sitcom in the early '70s based on The King and I, starring Yul Brynner and Samantha Eggar? I swear I remember an episode in which Anna tries to save a baby through a decoy-scam with some 50 baby-bundles tossed about the palace in an attempt to flummox the King's guards. Also, I believe there was a series, again in the early '70s, starring John Davidson and Sally Field, called The Girl with Something Extra. Sally played the wife with ESP, which, of course, gets her into everybody else's business. Please, please, please answer my letter and put my tired brain to rest. Everyone thinks I've dreamed these two shows because it seems nobody has ever seen them — ever. I'm beginning to doubt myself. Please answer so I can print out the proof to show to these people! Thanks. — Steven

Televisionary: Okay, Mr. I'm-Too-Good-for-the-Rules, I'll answer your queries despite your incessant hammering. But allow me to stress again that it ain't the repetition that gets an answer. Let me also point out that cramming two different shows into one question is, well... questionable, too. However, I'll let both those infractions slide — this time.

Yes, Yul Brynner and Samantha Eggar starred briefly in CBS's Anna and the King, which ran from September to December of 1972. Reprising his stage and film King and I role, Brynner led the series through its old-fashioned monarch vs. feisty western woman stories. Keye Luke (Kung Fu) and Brian Tochi (St. Elsewhere) were also along for the ride.

And you can tell your doubting pals you were right — times two. John Davidson and Sally Field starred in The Girl with Something Extra, which ran on NBC from September, 1973 to the following May. In the "How did I end up with this super-powered chick?" mode of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, attorney John Burton (Davidson) struggled to live a normal life despite the zany mind-reading antics of wife Sally (Sally Field). William Windom (My World and Welcome to It) and Teri Garr were also in the cast.