Question: What shows came on at 8:30 on Thursday from 1984 to 1990? My mother and I have a bet about what shows came on at this time. — Yvette W., Chicago, Ill.

Televisionary: As much as I hate to come off like my father, whose "in the time you've been waiting for me to tell you, you could've looked it up by now" mantra was heard on a near-daily basis in my house, I'm going to make you kids work this one out on your own.

Sure, I

could list every show on every network for those years. But our ultimately cool 50th-anniversary "What Was On" section — which allows you to scan the prime-time lineups from 1953-2001 — already did it for me. So click your way over and remember to tell me what you guys are betting next time. (And as long as you're there, be sure to stop by our recently beefed-up Cover Gallery, which now includes more than 2,500 TV Guide covers from the last 50 years, and enjoy our Time Capsule, which offers you a sampling of classic articles and ads, while you're at it.)