Question: Please send me any information you have on show that I believe aired in 1962. It was called Norby and it was filmed in Pearl River NY, my hometown. I once saw a TV Guide cover that featured the show. — Bill S., Westtown N.Y.

Televisionary: I don't send personal answers, Bill. I don't have much on the show (and don't believe it was ever on one of our covers), but I'll give you what I've got. Norby, the first series shot in color (it was sponsored by Eastman Kodak) aired for only three months on NBC in 1955. It featured David Wayne as the title character, Pearson Norby, a loan officer at the Pearl River First National Bank. Joan Lorring played Norby's wife, Helen, while Susan Hallaran and Evan Elliott played their two kids. Also of note in the cast: Jack Warden (Crazy Like a Fox, Brian's Song) as Norby neighbor Bobo.