Question: I remember a television show that was probably on in the mid-1960s that featured Peggy Cass as a mother with chimpanzees for children. (I can't remember who portrayed the father.) Just wanted to find out if my memories are accurate; thank you for any information. — Beth D.

Televisionary: Well, they weren't actually her children, Beth — the '60s weren't that far out, after all — though The Hathaways' Elinore Hathaway did treat them as such. Cindy, Charlie and Enoch were the Marquis Chimps, an entertainment act booking agent Elinor represented on the sitcom, which ran on ABC from October 1961 to August 1962.

Jack Weston was Elinore's put-upon real-estate-agent husband, Jack, while Harvey Lembeck was the chimps' talent agent, Jerry. The chimps were just like precocious, smart-aleck kids on a contemporary sitcom, only they were a lot hairier, a heck of a lot stronger and threw their feces when provoked.

(OK, just kidding on that last part.)