Question: I remember a show with a man on it who was called Johnny Jellybean. He sang a song with the words, "jelly beaners, jelly beaners," to the tune of "My Darling Clementine," I believe. I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? What was the real name of the show? Did it really exist or did I dream it? — Bronxcats

Televisionary: It existed, Bronxcats, though which show you watched depends on the time you saw it. Time for Fun was a Chicago kid's show originally created by the same people who brought you Ask Mr. Wizard. The Fun concept, which involved the expected mix of skits, comedy and stories, proved so popular that stations in other cities wanted to create their own versions and the producers moved to New York to do just that.

In the fall of 1953 Time for Fun launched as a weekday kids' show hosted by former Howdy Doody Show player Bob Keeshan's Corny the Clown. When Keeshan moved on to create the beloved Captain Kangaroo, Joe Bova's Uncle Joe character took over the hosting duties and he, in turn, was relieved by Bill Britten's Johnny Jellybean character in late 1956.

After Britten left to host Wonderama in 1958, Keith Hefner, brother to Playboy publisher Hugh, came on board as JJ Jellybean, Johnny's cousin. (Boy, talk about the divergent careers of one family — just imagine the Thanksgiving dinner converation: "Glad to hear work's going so well, Keith. Hugh, how's your job?") The following year, the show moved to weekday mornings, JJ became Johnny and the show's title was changed to The Johnny Jellybean Show, which lasted until the summer of 1960.