Question: I seem to recall that in the early 1980s there was a prime-time game show called Whodunnit? on then ratings-barren NBC. It was hosted by Ed McMahon. They showed a scene that led to a crime and contestants had to figure out who did it. I recall one where Erik Estrada played a rock singer who got electricuted when he toched a mic stand. Of course, no one else remembers this. I am not crazy, am I? — Dan, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Televisionary: Once again, Dan, I can't be the judge of anyone's mental state. I can, however, tell you Whodunnit? was a real, albeit short-lived, show that ran for a month on NBC's schedule beginning in April 1979.

As you say, each week featured the portrayal of a mystery killing that stopped shy of telling you who committed the crime. After watching the segment, players saw the suspects interrogated and were then pitted against a panel of experts in a race to figure out what happened. The panelists, who often included celebrity attorney F. Lee Bailey, also questioned the possible perps and players won money based on whether or not they nailed the criminal before the panel did, or got it right when the panel got it wrong.