Question: I was reading an article on influential TV shows of the '90s and think I remember reading that David Duchovny played a transvestite on Twin Peaks (my fave show). I've been watching the reruns and I haven't spotted him. Was it another actor, or on another series, or what? Please help. — Melinda Green

Televisionary: 'Twas indeed Mr. Duchovny, Melinda. He played cross-dressing DEA agent Dennis/Denise Bryson during the show's second season.

The actor recently told Chicago that his flirtation with getting dolled up was a "disappointment" because he'd hoped to look prettier. "My legs were OK," he said. "I would have been one of those girls that just worked their one good asset."

And I join you in your "fave show" fandom. In its first season, Twin Peaks was often nothing short of brilliant.