Question: Question: What was the name of the show that had Andy Devine on it reading stories? There was a mischievous frog on it who caused Andy grief.

Televisionary: You're not kidding. Can you believe poor Andy had to appear on a children's show and say, "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!" without losing it?

Now, allow me a moment to continue the Buffett riff (perhaps even beating it into the turf) and point out that the singer references Devine in "Pencil Thin Mustache."

Moving on, the show you seek is Andy's Gang, a version of a New York kids' confection that ran from 1955-60 and had national exposure on NBC during the '57-58 season. Originally a radio property called Smilin' Ed McConnell and His Buster Brown Gang (yes, smudging the line between children's content and ads predates The Transformers), the show first moved to TV with the smilin' Mr. McConnell as host.

Devine took over in '55 after McConnell died, leading a cast of characters that included the aforementioned malevolent frog (blamed by some for teaching kids to disobey their elders and question authority in general), Midnight the Cat, Squeaky the Mouse and Uncle Fishface.

Devine's career outlasted those of the puppets: He continued to appear on the big and small screens, most notably with some regular-gig work on NBC's Flipper during its first season. He passed away in 1977, so don't confuse him with the currently working English actor of the same name.