Question: Who played Bat Masterson in the old TV series of the same name? Was it Patrick Macnee? Thanks. — Neil M.

Televisionary: Okay, so I've written countless columns without one question about Mr. Macnee, and now you guys are going to bury me with him? (In my world of exaggeration and knee-jerk freakouts, two questions in a row is a deluge, you see.)

'Twas actually the rugged Gene Barry who played lawman Masterson on the series, which ran on NBC from October 1958 to September 1961. He did, however, wear a bowler (or derby) hat in the series, just as Steed did in The Avengers. You may also remember Barry from Burke's Law, in which he portrayed a millionaire chief of detectives in L.A. That series ran on ABC from September 1963 to January 1966 and returned on CBS's schedule in the mid-'90s.