Question: In an older Jimmy Buffett song there is a line that goes something like, "Gardner McKay, take us on the leaky Tiki with you." I believe this comes from a television program in the 1950s. Can you help? — Taylor E. Mack

Televisionary: Sure thing, Taylor. But just for the uninitiated, the song to which you refer is "We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About" and it's from Buffett's 1983 album, One Particular Harbor.

The Parrot Head king refers to ABC's Adventures in Paradise, which ran from 1959-62 and starred actor McKay as the rugged Adam Troy, captain of the South Pacific-wandering vessel Tiki.

The series's tropical settings (the Fox backlot, mostly) and exotic young women are a perfect fit for the Buffett oeuvre, but were less of a match made in heaven for author James Michener (Tales of the South Pacific, Hawaii and too many other works to mention), who created the series but reportedly bailed out soon after inking the deal.