Question: Okay, it's two to one on this, men against woman. I say that Charlie Sheen and Antonio Banderas are both the sons of Martin Sheen and therefore are brothers. My husband and my son say I'm nuts. (So do some of the neighbors, but we won't go there!) So settle the argument. Brothers or no? — Needs Redemption

Televisionary: Far be it from me to deny the needy, Needs, but I'm afraid the lady loses this one. (If it makes you feel any better, though, you're a statistical rebel. Nearly everyone who writes with a dispute is in the right and annoyed that their wisdom is called into question, which is what makes them bother to write in in the first place. So take some comfort in being unique.)

Alas, what's probably confusing you are the two multi-syllabic, Spanish names. It's Emilio Estevez (Men at Work, Wisdom) who's brother to Sheen the younger and son to Sheen the elder, but not Mr. Banderas. For the record, Charlie and Emilio also have a songwriter brother, Ramone, and an actress sister, Renee.

Sorry to send you packing redemption-free.