Question: OK, here's the deal. Me and my friends have actually gotten into arguments over this one. Growing up as little girls in the 1980s, we all watched She-Ra, a cartoon spin-off of He-Man. My friends insist that She-Ra was a blonde, but I can put my life on it that she was a redhead!!!! Please settle this one once and for all. — PeanutButterKidd

Televisionary: Sorry, 'Kidd, but you're not going to like this one, although you can solace in the fact that you didn't go all the way with your wager. Truly settling it would have meant me tracking you down and killing you.

She-Ra, who went by the more formal name of Princess Adora, was most definitely a blonde. He-Man, her brother, had a reddish tint to his hair and She-Ra herself sometimes had a golden tone to her locks, but I'd definitely have to side with your friends on this one.

Gold seems a more appropriate hair color for both brother and sister, given that they were created by Filmation/Mattel at the same time the plastic was being poured for toy versions of the characters. That kind of Saturday morning commerce has been spoofed wonderfully on The Simpsons with such brilliance as Action-Figure Man and The Mars Bar and Mattel Quick Energy Chocobot Hour.