Question: Last night, I heard my friend whistling a tune and we both agreed that it was from the NBC '50s documentary, Victory at Sea. But we disagree as to who the narrator was. He says it was Walter Cronkite. I know it wasn't Uncle Walter, but I do not remember who it was. Can you please tell us? Thanks. — Jack Harmell

Televisionary: You mean you don't know, Jack? (Sorry — I've always wanted to say that.)

						 						 Actor Leonard Graves narrated the 26-installment documentary, which ran from 1952-53 and covered the nautical warfare of the Second World War. Graves later appeared in such films as The Joker Is Wild and the Gregory Peck classic Pork Chop Hill.

Incidentally, if you want to impress your pal further, let him know that tune he's so fond of was composed by Broadway legend Richard Rodgers.