Question: My mother and I are in an argument. She claims to have seen a promo for NBC's Law & Order stating Oscar winner Dianne Wiest was joining the cast. I am constantly on the lookout for such a commercial and have not seen it. Is this true? If so, what is her character and why did she decide to come to TV? (I have a $500 bet riding on the answer to this question.)

Televisionary: To be honest, I have seen no such promo, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So if that's the bet, I'm leaving you and Mom hanging. However, if the bet is over whether or not Ms. Wiest is indeed joining L&O, Mom is right.

The actress, who did indeed take home Best Supporting Actress statues for Bullets Over Broadway and Hannah and Her Sisters, has signed on to play the new district attorney on the show. She replaces departing show vet Steven Hill when her character, Renata Lowell, defeats Hill's Adam Schiff at the voting booth.

Now, am I to understand your own mother is really going to take 500 bucks from you?