Question: Maybe you can settle a bet I have going with my husband on an actor who was in the show Party of Five. Did the guy who played Griffin recently star in the TV movie Jason and the Argonauts? Thanks. — Christine Doyle

Televisionary: I'll answer you even though you flout the time-honored Televisionary rule of telling me who's taking which side and, more importantly, what's at stake.

Jason London played the mythological sailor and hero Jason in NBC's mini-series Jason and the Argonauts, which aired this past May. Unfortunately for one of you, he did not portray Griffin Holbrook on Fox's now defunct Party of Five.

But hold off on the gloating, since that was twin brother Jeremy London. I'm betting you guys'll be arguing a-plenty over whether or not that's a clear-cut win/lose situation. Play nice now, you crazy kids.