Question: I loved the show St. Elsewhere. Is there any station that carries it? Also, didn't a younger Helen Hunt play on it at one time as one of the doctor's girlfriends or wives?

Televisionary: Yes and yes.

						 						You can catch St. Elsewhere reruns on the heaven-sent TV Land (and I say that without a hint of sarcasm — I love that network). There's just one catch: unless you're nocturnal you'll have to set your VCR. The classic drama is on every day, but at 4 am/ET.

Ms. Hunt played recurring character Clancy Williams, the love interest of Dr. Jack Morrison (David Morse) on the show. Also of note in the cast were a young(er) Denzel Washington and ace actor and Screen Actors Guild President William Daniels, whom you'll be seeing a lot more of should that looming SAG strike happen next year.

As for how much younger Helen Hunt was on the show, it depends upon whose model of time you apply: Einstein's or Hollywood's. See, according to the entertainment way of aging people, if she was in her mid-20s when she was on that show (and I'm guessing), which went off the air in 1988, then she'd be about 30 or 31 today. (Let me stress, by the way, that I have no idea how old she says she is — she may be perfectly honest about it. It just seems whenever I see a number associated with a star who's been around a while, I've on average aged six years to their two or three. So color me a kneejerk skeptic.)

Since she's over 22, she's already playing romantic leads opposite men of Jack Nicholson's age. Give her five years. They'll cast her as Jack Lemmon's lover and Amanda Peet's grandma.