Question: I just went through all the available answers you have given for the last few months. Here's a stumper that's also been bugging me for many years. A cartoon around the same time as Captain Caveman: It featured a little white blob called "Shmoo" or "ShaMoo" or something like that. I was wondering what the heck is the name of this show? All these childhood memories bubbling to the top only to pop and be forgotton. Also, how the heck do you know all this stuff? Some of the questions I read were really tough! And you answered them. But I don't think you'll know this one. I hope you do, but no one remembers it. — Dave Perry

Televisionary: You don't think I'll know it? Dave! As you say, I know all this stuff! I was a latch-key kid, man!

						 						The New Shmoo had his own series for a brief moment in 1979. Originally an old character from the ancient Li'l Abner strips of the '40s, his Shmooness was a blobby thing (sort of a seal with two feet and no flippers) from the formulaic Hanna Barbera factory of the time. (Not that I'm putting them down — they raised me, after all.) Working in the Scooby-Doo/Funky Phantom/Speed Buggy mode of teaming a bunch of snoopy teens with a wacky creature or thing, the Shmoo used his morphing abilities to help his adolescent pals solve mysteries.

The Shmoo's series didn't last long, but he returned, shoehorned into the hour-long Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo and Flintstones Comedy Hour programs.

And parents worried that children's fare was rotting their kids' minds? Pshaw!