Question: I have just two words to say about ER's GORGEOUS new doctor, Goran Visnjic: George who? What can you tell me about him?

Televisionary: The bad news first — he's married (though I'm sure he and wife Ivana wouldn't quite classify that as bad news).

Other than that disappointing tidbit, I can tell you Visnjic, who portrays recent addition Dr. Kovac on the hit NBC series (Thursdays, 10 pm/ET), hails from a small town in Croatia and counts swimming, diving and fencing among his hobbies.

If you're looking to stage your own Visnjic film fest and wish to concentrate on roles major and minor, you can start with Practical Magic, check out The Peacemaker (which stars that guy whose name you so conveniently forget) and then follow this link for the rest of the list.

Happy viewing and kindly keep the swooning to a minimum — this is a family-friendly column, missy.