Question: When Julianna Margulies said goodbye to ER, a song played as she was leaving Chicago to go and find Doug. It was a really beautiful song and it sounded like Don Henley, but I'm not sure and it's driving me crazy! Please, please help me with this: What was that song called and who sang it? I would be so grateful if you were to figure this out. Thanks! — Tracy, a die-hard ER fan

Televisionary: The song played during Margulies's exit from the ER in the "Such Sweet Sorrow" episode, which included a surprise cameo by former regular George Clooney (Dr. Doug Ross), was indeed by Mr. Henley. "Taking You Home" is on Inside Job, the new album available directly from Warner's site.

Ain't corporate synergy a beautiful thing? You see, ER is produced by Warner Bros. TV and Henley's a Warner act and they use his song on their No. 1-rated show and, well, that's what all those high-powered suits dream of when they go on buying sprees.

In all seriousness, though, I got buried in requests for the title of that song and the episode did extremely well ratings-wise, so I've got to give the ER people their props.

Even more amazing than the huge number of people who tuned in despite the fact that Clooney's appearance wasn't trumpeted was that they were able to keep it under wraps at all. Fans were a-buzz with the possibility he'd pop in, but when there was no publicity on it many people figured it wasn't to be. And there were no leaks.

I also have to give ER head honcho John Wells credit for opting not to sell the episode on a mere 60 seconds from Clooney, who reportedly was paid $596 for the appearance. Doing so would have overshadowed Margulies's farewell and she deserved better than that after six seasons with the show.

Rest assured, Wells said in a statement, that there are no plans for either of them to return.