Question: I've tried for three weeks to find any copy of cassette or anything with the title song to Twin Peaks. I thought it was "Falling," but have worn out music web sites in an effort to find the music if ever published. The writer's name is Angelo Badalamenti, with words by David Lynch/Mark Frost. I had thought at one time during the airing of this series that it had been published for public consumption, but I can't find it anywhere!! Thanks, I sure hope you can help on this.

Televisionary: Y'know, I used to drive my mom absolutely crackers when I'd open the freezer door to look for Otter Pops, Fudgesicles — you name it — and declare within a second or two that they simply could not be found. "They're on the door!" she'd yell from wherever she was cooking, doing laundry, etc., before giving up and pointing me to the box, which inevitably was right in front of my face. (I knew that because she'd tell me: "There! Right in front of your face!") I could never figure out why she found my unwillingness to look hard so irritating. I do now, especially when I find my wife turning the tables and doing the exact same thing to me.

Not to be a wiseacre, but it took me all of two searches to find the album you seek on two major music sites. Both CDnow and Amazon feature the Twin Peaks soundtrack (type the title into the search field). It includes the instrumental version you hear on the show plus, as you said, "Falling," the with-words take by eerie chanteuse Julee Cruise. Being a fan of the show and the music, I congratulate you on your good taste (not on your searching skills).

In addition, I highly recommend Ms. Cruise's 1989 release, Floating Into the Night, which features "Falling" as well as a slew of other Lynch/Badalamenti works. It's as mesmerizing and vaguely unsettling as anything you'll find out there. (In fact a friend of mine said he had to declare a moratorium on playing that album since it was all he listened to for an extended period of time and he feared he was doing himself real harm. Then again, that may have just been, like, him, y'know?)