Question: I've been dying to find out the name of a show that I saw when I was working in another province. It had an astronaut from Earth who went through some kind of wormhole. This human ended up with a few people helping him. One was called Pilot and, of course, he was a pilot. The ships were some kind of life-form. There was one animal kind of guy that has a mean temper (kind of a Worf thing) and there was a bald female whose species evolved from plants. She was green and could use some kind of special mind powers. I've written before, but I still have not seen a response. If I can get this show in Ontario I would love to try and figure out what I've missed. Any ideas? Many thanx.

Televisionary: Sounds like you're looking for the Sci Fi Channel's Farscape, which does indeed star Ben Browder as lost Earthling astronaut John Crichton. He and his cohorts, who include a big warrior guy named Ka D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) and an 812-year-old plant woman named Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan (The Road Warrior's Virginia Hey), cruise around on a living ship named Moya.

I'm a casual (though discerning) sci-fi fan and must admit I had my doubts about Farscape when I first read the press materials for it. I firmly believe that many sci-fi producers and writers who are too lazy to create interesting characters and stories think they can fool the audience with a few effects and some random apostrophes inserted into a couple of names.

However, I was happy to be wrong. Farscape has a tendency to wander into the realm of James T. Kirk corniness (not that that's necessarily a bad thing since I believe Star Trek was best in its over-the-top Shatner days). But it also has a sense of humor and is a well-handled, inventive show with fresh storylines and solid acting wrapped in enough genre standards to land it a place on the tube. I honestly have no idea if you can see the show — or the channel, for that matter — in Ontario, but you're certainly welcome to check out our online listings and see for yourself.

(You might want to give your set a good whack on the side if "the bald female" remains green, by the way. She's blue.)