Question: This isn't a difficult question, but your answer will surely settle a dispute between myself and my "know-it-all" hubby, who is a Couch Potato Deluxe! Tonight on Just Shoot Me there was a guest appearance by (I say) Tiffany Ann Bethusan. That's probably misspelled. She was the gal on Saved by the Bell when she was younger. Hubby says it's not the same Tiffany, but is someone else. Can you let me know? I missed the credits! Help! Thanks so much. — Allyson K.

Televisionary: Well you just tell hubby that with his off-the-mark observations, that "Deluxe" title applies to time spent watching, not breadth or depth of knowledge. (You, however, get points for admitting when your spelling is wonky — and for attempting to sound the young lady's name out.)