Question: I'm hoping you can help me find the name of a movie I saw as a child and provide me with a site or sites that can help me. The movie dealt with a small boy who befriended a girl and a sea turtle that no one else could see. He moved away and eventually returned to the coastal community he had lived in. The girl had grown up into a young woman and the sea turtle was of immense size. The turtle had a mark on its back that they had drawn. I believe this was a made-for-TV movie aired by one of the big three. This would be, say, 20 to 26 years ago. Any help would be appreciated. — John G., Syracuse, N.Y.

Televisionary: Now comes the part where I feel a little guilty about linking to someone else's work, John, but since I keep getting questions about The Bermuda Depths, and I, too, was obsessed with the movie, its star (Connie Selleca) and the theme music (Vivaldi's Largo from his Concerto in D, RV93 ) as a lad, I'll help you out. (And oddly enough, someone on our staff was just asking about this flick.)

My all-knowing colleague FlickChick wrote about this a few years back (fourth question down in her Dec. 23, 1999, column), and then provided links to all her writings on various TV movies people keep asking about (eighth question down) in her June 20, 2002 column.

As far as other sites go, some hardworking, obsessed fan went as far as putting up a page, devoted to it, complete with images and links to multimedia. I can't condone copyright violation, but this should certainly scratch your itch.