Question: I'm a fan of the old show My Three Sons and with the recent TV Land marathon, I'm wondering why the character of Mike was written out. Also, didn't he and his wife Sally make a visit to the family after they moved to California? Why was he never mentioned again after that? Please answer. I'm a real TV trivia buff and I must know these answers to uphold my reputation as pretty close to all-knowing. (You, of course, are all-knowing.)

Televisionary: Oh, come now — I've told you a million times not to exaggerate. In truth, I am not quite all-knowing, but am loathe to reveal the holes in my TV knowledge for fear my numerous foes will exploit those gaps to their evil advantage.

Fact is you've played directly into the hands of my hits-obsessed boss, who has been known to severely rebuke — chide, even — those of us who don't take advantage of opportunities to link to other areas of the site and garner additional page views.

That said, before I send you to another part of the site for your answer, I will tell you that to the best of my knowledge eldest son Mike Douglas (Tim Considine) made no more appearances after leaving CBS's My Three Sons at the end of the 1964-'65 season. (As always, I'm open to correction.) For more on his mysterious exit, see our "Lost Characters" feature. Click your way down the trail and you'll find the saga of young Mike near the end.